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Stakeholder understanding and support

Stakeholder interaction

As the sole water board in the Eastern Cape, we are mandated by the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation (DHSWS) to provide bulk water services to other water service institutions in our gazetted area.

As the Executive Authority, DHSWS's main interest in our organisation is for us to operate effectively and efficiently as a viable entity that delivers on our primary legislated mandate, as set out in Section 29 and 30 of the Water Services Act.

Among our identified stakeholders, local communities and customers are recognised as our primary stakeholders and our partners.

Other stakeholders, such as statutory stakeholders, are necessary partners to achieving and benefiting from organisational goals.

To achieve high quality, coherent stakeholder participation and engagement, we interact collaboratively with our stakeholders in order to form and maintain inclusive relationships. Our stakeholder engagements range from formal to informal sessions with local, provincial and national stakeholders.

Our forward-looking approach is to be visible to local communities and to partner with the Department of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation, and WSA to achieve greater positive impact on water-related issues within the province.

These stakeholders have been categorised into three groups:

  • Statutory
  • Community
  • Customers & clients.

Our stakeholders and the basis of engagement

Community stakeholders

 These are stakeholders to whom we demonstrate our value as a socially responsible, efficient and high performing entity. These stakeholders have both direct and indirect interest in our operations

The basis of engagement

This group comprises the broader community who are either beneficiaries of the services that we offer or are indirectly impacted by the work that we do.

We commit ourselves to be an active member of the many communities in which we operate through the provision of basic water and sanitation services.

In conjunction with local leaders and authorities, we implement projects that will serve the communities with a view to making a long-term sustainable contribution in the social-welfare of the communities.

We interact with these stakeholders through various platforms, including the media, project steering committees, community forums and various public participation and outreach initiatives, where project, performance and organisational information is communicated.


Customer/Client stakeholders

These are stakeholders with whom we are contracted for the provision of products, services and goods, including customers, suppliers and investors and, in the case of employees and organised labour, the provision of employment and accompanying services benefits.

The basis of engagement

Key issues discussed with these stakeholders range from, quality and quantity of water; assurance of supply; and capital expansion; to compliance with contractual obligations; and tariff increases.

There were also engagements with employees and organised labour and the channels of engagement include staff information sessions and local labour forums. Material issues with such stakeholders included discussions on human resources related matters.


Statutory stakeholders

Executive Authority (Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation)

Portfolio Committee on Water and Sanitation

National Treasury

Provincial Government (Premier's Office & CoGTA)

Local Government (Municipalities)

South African Local Government Association