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Cut workplace water consumption with these 6 tips

Cut workplace water consumption with these 6 tips

Cut costs, comply with environmental legislation, reduce your carbon footprint, improve your company’s environmental performance and generate positive PR.

These are just some of the benefits of conserving water at work. Organisations can follow these simple tips.


Educate your employees on the importance and practices of water efficiency. Try and set water usage targets and encourage widespread involvement to achieve this.

Be vigilant

Monitor your water meters or water and to ensure your pipes are not leaking. If your water usage is unexpectedly large, you might have a leaking pipe or dripping tap.

Leaking pipes or taps should be fixed immediately as a dripping tap can waste as much as 60 litres per day or 1,800 litres per month.

Bathroom hacks

Waterless urinals and automatic taps are examples of water efficient devices that may be installed in bathrooms to decrease unnecessary water usage. Waterless taps or fitting existing taps with aerators can reduce water flow from 20 - 30 litres to 6 - 10 litres per minute.

Efficient devices

Automatic taps and water efficient settings on kitchen appliances such as pressurised coffee machines, water-wise baseline dishwashers, can help to reduce water consumption. These are sometimes more expensive, but pay for themselves over time.

Harvest rainwater

Harvest rainwater and determine where your wasted water is going and if or how you can recycle it in other areas of your business.

Indigenous is best

Indigenous drought-tolerant plants are preferable to thirstier alien plants. Properly maintain and configure your irrigation system, and disable it if there’s rain.

A more affordable option to consider is a greywater system and use rainwater for watering your plants.to become more water wise.