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New Minister of Human Settlements, Water & Sanitation welcomed

New Minister of Human Settlements, Water & Sanitation welcomed

On 29 May 2019, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced his new cabinet and Hon Minister Lindiwe Sisulu has been appointed as a new Minister for Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation.

The president has reduced the size of the cabinet and government departments by reducing the number of ministers from 36 to 28. This leaner cabinet is seen as one of the cost-effective ways in government.  

“All South Africans are acutely aware of the great economic difficulties our country is experiencing and the constraints it has placed on public finances,” said President Ramaphosa.

The Department of Water and Sanitation has been merged with the Department of Human Settlements which is now called Department of Human Settlements and Water and Sanitation. This humongous department has been given to one of the very experienced ministers in the cabinet who is also not new as a political head of Human settlement.

Minister Sisulu is one of the ministers who has been serving in various portfolios in government.  

She served as Minister of International Relations (2018 - 2019), previously served as Minister of Human Settlements. Prior to her appointment as Minister of Public Service and Administration, she served the government as a Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Intelligence, Human Settlements (the then Department of Housing)  and Defence.

She holds an MA in History and an M. Phil from the Centre for Southern African Studies, University of York. A keen student of history, she specialised in intelligence matters while undergoing military training. She taught history at various institutions in the southern Africa region during the 80s.

Amatola Water welcomes her appointment as the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation.