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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Outreach

Our CSR and outreach endeavours focus on the following areas:

  • Formal education
  • Skills development
  • Health and welfare
  • Environment
  • Community outreach
  • Sports and recreation.
We whole-heartedly embrace the notion of socio-economic development and aspire to implement strategies that are aimed at making a valuable contribution to the communities in which we operate.

We endeavour to generate genuine hands-on involvement at every level of our organisation, as well as to ensure that imperatives that are aimed at strengthening the capacity of individuals and communities, enabling them to better the course of their lives, are implemented.

By engaging our communities (especially those residing within our area of operation) and playing an active role in activities that uplift their lives, we believe that we provide a platform for them to become economically active.

A hands-on approach

We believe in an involved and pro-active approach, especially when it comes to uplifting the standard of education and the lives of our youth.

As a result of our commitment, we have been involved in a number of educational projects, with the objective of connecting learners in the communities surrounding our operations with the benefits of educational equipment and books, providing a meaningful framework upon which to develop.

A caring workforce

Our Staff Volunteer Programme has been established with the common goal of instilling the spirit of giving back in all our employees.

The volunteer programme challenges our employees to rise up and do something that matters by participating in community initiatives and giving back, whether by volunteering their time or by sourcing resources that would help better the lives of the communities in some way.

The goal is to entrench a spirit of giving, one that goes deeper than giving a donation, but one that promotes our ‘hands-on’ approach in the quest to make a difference.