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Acting Chief Executive's New Year Message 2021

Acting Chief Executive's New Year Message 2021

Dear Colleagues

Warm greetings of the year 2021 to all Amatola Water employees.
Year 2020 was challenging throughout the World, continents, countries, Eastern Cape Province and more so in Amatola Water and will be remembered in history as the year of COVID-19.

This is the beginning of another year with new opportunities for great achievements. We cannot stop but to hope for a better year with better outcomes. We ought to change our focus from the
negatives of the previous year and put our focus to its positives. In the midst of this virus, as the institution we have not registered any death because of the virus. It is a blessing to us and to the institution and we continue to be grateful for each day we see.

As the entity, we continued to provide bulk water as our core business regardless of challenges experienced. This effort can only be attributed to the commitment of the fellow workers who with no fail sacrificed their safety and that of their families to ensure that all communities that are being serviced by this entity have water. In the same vein, whilst we celebrate the new year, we cannot forget the soldiers that we lost on the way due to other natural causes. We will forever remember them for their contribution in the organisation.

As we see the majority of AW employees coming back from the holidays, we are also much aware that we have employees who have been holding the fort during the festive season, who ensured that all the holiday makers in Amatola water precinct are well taken care of. These are the folks who are in the forefront of the business, spending sleepless nights attending to the calls of pipeline bursts and other operational failures. I salute these employees because they performed a splendid job with commitment, flying the flag of this organisation high during the time where most of our stakeholders are losing hope in the institution. Your selfless service is highly appreciated and will undoubtedly advance the reputation of this company .

May you also send our deepest gratitude to your families that have sacrificed your warmth for the sake of service delivery.
As we start the year 2021, let us have more faith that we will continue to provide services with excellence. COVID-19 second wave has a firm grip evident by the number of positive cases detected to date. I urge all of you to adhere to hygiene protocols and be vigilant to all symptoms linked to Covid19 that you may notice.

With those few words I would like to welcome back all of you and may you all be safe throughout the year.

Happy and prosperous 2021.