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Urgent intervention needed for town’s water crisis

Urgent intervention needed for town’s water crisis

Water specialists  from Misa (Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency),as well as Misa’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Vimba, and the Director General of Water and Human Settlement, met with senior officials of the Ngwathe Municipality  where urgent intervention to assist in resolving the town’s ongoing water crisis, was agreed on.

The meeting was held due to the urgency of resolving the water challenges of Parys with regard to the quantity and quality  of drinking water.

Misa deployed a specialist engineer with over 21 years of experience at the Amathole Water Board, to assist in the preliminary  confirmation of the problem statement required by both Misa and the Department of Water Afffairs, to justify deployment of resources to assist the municipality, Ngwathe Spokesperson, Steve Naale said.

This is part of the water and sanitation national response task team initiative to support municipalities where there are challenges.

“The effect of the challenges of being down stream of the Vaal River, result in Parys having to improve the infrastructure that we have in order to improve both quality and quantity of the resource,” Naale said. He added that the municipality is continuing to recruit skilled qualified personnel and has started to invest in water demand and water conservation investigation as part of ensuring that water is utilized accordingly.

Early today a water pipe leak had been discovered at the Water treatment Plant in Parys, that again affected some parts of town and the CBD.